Wednesday, May 23


Apparently men and women write e-mails in different ways according to this article.

Many studies have found that men using email tend to supply answers or give a response that shuts down the dialogue. Women are more prepared to open up the discussion. They're also more prepared in a chat room to say "I don't know. What does everyone else think?"

That explains why my mum takes a fucking hour to write one e-mail...

Tuesday, May 22

A few good links

Interesting article pointing out how violent and foul-mouthed Britons are becoming which I found today via The Guardian, it's worth a read.

A major event on the net this week has been that of Kaycee Nicole, the lukemia sufferer who never existed, today an FAQ was written by Adam Geitgey which explains the whole hoax, even if you're not familiar with the story it's worth a look. The pictures that were apparently of Kaycee were actually that of someone else. The person behind it all should read this.

News in the UK is that the Monster Raving Looney party is releasing its mainifesto today, not that anyone will care for it very much. They say if they were in power dogs would wear nappies, under 21's would drive robin reliants and they would double NHS bed capacity by placing a big mirror alongside the hospital. I think we should vote 'em in, they are a marked improvent on the bunch of twats in at the moment. If I could vote there would still be no mainstream party willing to legalise cannabis, so fuck them all.

In other news, Big Brother UK is starting again on May 26th, I really can't be arsed watching a load of hand-picked muppets talk shit all day but I'm sure there is a couple of million people that will... what is TV coming to?

Cannabis March UK

If you're near the area of Brixton on Saturday 16th June then you'll want to take a look at the Cannabis 2001 March. It was planned for the 5th May but put off due to the dodgy english weather. The march and festival is to be part of an annual 'global cannabis action' which happened this year in 130 cities worldwide on May 5th. If you're near London on that date go down, I'll probably be there....

Monday, May 21

Well I thought I would start this back up again.

It's about time I used my blogger account. Anyway this blog is related to this site. I'll just be posting interesting stuff I find whilst I'm surfing thanks to this. Thats it for now...

Friday, March 2

Shakespere was a stoner?

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, found traces of cocaine, cannabis and a hallucinogen derived from nutmeg. Does this mean all Shakespere's works will be withdrawn from schools? Its interesting to note that it wasnt the actual Trust who found this out, it was actually some South African researchers. The Trust actually tried to withold the pipes as they probably knew there were traces of drugs and did not wish to blacken Shakespere's name.

Thursday, March 1

Maybe, just maybe..

The other day Belgium agreed to legalise cannabis like its next-door neighbour Holland. Maybe soon the UK might sit up and listen to the third of the population who enjoy using weed, as well as all the medical users of the drug.

Nipple Addition Surgery by Dr. Zizlesse

According to Dr. Zizlesse womens thighs, stomachs and buttocks aren't natural without a nice fat nipple on them - take a look. Makes the perfect present for your wife, partner or even mother.

Ali G interviews Posh and Becks for Comic Relief

This is allegedly the transcript of Posh and Becks being interviewed by Ali G, he takes the piss out of David the most and leaves him saying "no" like a fool to almost every question.